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 About Tian Haibin 

田海斌先生是一位非常资深的建筑室内设计师、艺术家,1989年毕业于四川美术学院附中,1993年毕业于清华大学美术学院设计系 (原中央工艺美术学院)。现任AMMAN新加坡安曼(囯际)设计公司设计总监。二十多年建筑与室内设计经历,所有智慧集中凝聚在他所创作的设计作品之上。
 Mr Tian Haibin is a very senior building interior designer, YiShuShi, graduated from sichuan fine arts institute in 1989, in 1993, graduated from tsinghua university academy of fine arts department (former central academy of arts and crafts). The AMMAN Singapore AMMAN (囯 international design company design director. More than 20 years architecture and interior design experience, all concentrated condensed wisdom in his creation of the design work.

【设计对话世界The world design dialogue】
田海斌:设计与艺术共舞Tian Haibin:Design and art of dance

 Tian Haibin interview excerpt: the theme of the excellent design work produced from comprehension and understanding of life, and art is the sublimation of life and refining. Design and art is the human spiritual life of the hot topics on the two aspects, the valley of "design" global interior design elite portal joint global smothering designer elite club presided over the interview, invited the Chinese contemporary architecture and interior superstar designer Mr Tian Haibin guest interviews

 Good results from the theme of the design work of comprehension and understanding of life, and art is the sublimation of life and refining. Design and art are two aspects of the human spirit life, like a gorgeous beautiful dance parties, points between discrete, denied the shake Yi intimacy unspeakably. At the same time to solve the spiritual form of art and solve the design of the material functions and environment and is always influence each other, with the acceleration of social productivity promotion and cultural blend, both development and increasingly close relationship. Mix design, the crossover design, theme design became popular. Nowadays is strong artistic theme hotel, boutique scene hotel is a -- -- -- -- -- full of spiritual art form design work can touch the heart of the modern people increasingly anxious matter and sleepy!


艺术,希腊语作teche,拉丁语作arts,都有技能技巧的意思,艺术不仅与美和道德有关,同时还和实用有关,中国古代的礼、乐、射、御、书、数为“六艺”,西方强调艺术与美的关系,形成美的艺术(Fine Arts)概念,人类早期的设计和艺术是一个整体行为,后因技术分工细化、使艺术从实际技术中剥离,而艺术的观念也随之强化,更加自我和独立。到了当代,艺术更呈现出多样性,多面性和概念化。 Arts teche art, Greek, Latin, has the meaning of skills, art is not only related to beauty and morality, but also related to practical, in ancient China, music, archery, royal, books, for "LiuYi", the west emphasizes the relationship between art and beauty, beauty of form of art (Fine arts) concept, the design of the early human and art is a whole behavior, due to technical division of labor refinement, after stripping in the art from a practical technology, and art concept has been strengthened, more self and independence. By contemporary art show diversity, more multifaceted and conceptualization. 设计作品本身就是艺术,设计源于生活,具有功能性、象征性、精神性、同时反映了文化及对未来,对人性的关注,从某种角度讲甚至超过了艺术对人们的影响,而艺术反过来推动设计的发展是不可否认的。从现代设计发展历史背景我们看到艺术变革总是一种激进的方式影响许多设计领域、现代设计的美学原理正是以上世纪初各种艺术运动的思想为基础。如包豪斯Bauhaus现代主义为代表的德国设计突出技术与艺术的统一、贝里铭的几何菱形系列作品代表了时代的风格。 Design work itself is art, design originates from life, with a functional, symbolic, spirituality, and reflects the culture and in the future, the attention to human nature, from a certain perspective the impact on the people, even more than the art and in turn promote the development of design art is undeniable. Art we see in modern design history background change is always a way of radical affect many areas of the design, modern design aesthetic principle is above century all kinds of art movement based on the thought of. Such as represented by the German Bauhaus Bauhaus modernism design highlights the geometry of the unity of technology and art, berry inscription diamond series represents the style of The Times. 优秀的环境设计作品需要通过借鉴艺术创作的思想,风格即技巧,也可根据设计的需要对艺术作品的美学元素进行符号化分解、重构加以运用,使设计作品更具审美价值。我在云南湄公河人家酒店五层康体、水疗及水上世界的设计中便运用了傣泰风格的艺术手法,以西双版纳当地“孔雀公主”传说的故事情景再现了一副完整的异域风景蓝图-------古时板纳头人儿子召树屯为迎回被巫师陷害回国的孔雀国七公主兰吾罗娜发动的壮烈战争,历经磨难终迎回佳人,也换来族群的和平和幸福。项目设计总面积超过两万多平方,配合二十万平方东南亚文化情景街铺,水上叠墅,水上集市,泛舟水上商贩,酒吧街片区,空中别墅(poolvilla)形成享受歌舞,购物,美食,狂欢,度假一站式体验。水上世界是酒店的功能配套,也是八百间客房阳台望下的巨幅浪漫狂放的异域风情长卷。 艺术创造这一精神生产过程中的主观与客观、精神性与物质性的交叉和多元、多层次的关系,物质因素、设计因素、美学因素的共同编织,也最终要求着意蕴美和形式美的高度统一。这种物化结构的自然结果,才构成了今天丰富的艺术门类。 Excellent environmental design work need to draw lessons from the thought of artistic creation, the style that skill, can also be designed according to the need of the aesthetic elements of art symbolization applied to decomposition and reconstruction, make the design more aesthetic value. I in the family, yunnan Mekong hotel five layer sports world, spa and the water was used in the design of the dai's style of artistic technique, in xishuangbanna "peacock princess" local legend story scene recreates the a complete blueprint for exotic scenery -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ancient plate head son called tree chariot to welcome back was framed by the wizard home seven princess peacock countries LanWu rona launch the heroic war, hardships eventually bring back the wind, for groups of peace and happiness. Project with a total area of more than twenty thousand square, with 20 square cultural scene street shop in southeast Asia, water fold luxury villas, water market, white water rafting water peddler, bar street area, air villa (poolvilla) form to enjoy singing and dancing, shopping, dining, partying, one-stop experience for a holiday. Water world is the function of the hotel facilities, is the eight hundred - room balcony looking at the huge long curly romantic wild exotic amorous feelings. Art to create the spirit of the subjective and objective in the process of production, spirituality and materiality of crossover and diversified and multi-level relations, material factor, design factor and esthetics factor woven together, and beauty of implication and form's highly uniform as the final request. It is just because the natural result of materialized structure, abundant art door today.
关于田海斌About Tian Haibin

田海斌先生是一位非常资深的建筑室内设计师、艺术家,1989年毕业于四川美术学院附中,1993年毕业于清华大学美术学院设计系 (原中央工艺美术学院)。现任AMMAN新加坡安曼(囯际)设计公司设计总监。二十多年建筑与室内设计经历,所有智慧集中凝聚在他所创作的设计作品之上。
 Mr Tian Haibin is a very senior building interior designer, YiShuShi, graduated from sichuan fine arts institute in 1989, in 1993, graduated from tsinghua university academy of fine arts department (former central academy of arts and crafts). The AMMAN Singapore AMMAN (囯 international design company design director. More than 20 years architecture and interior design experience, all concentrated condensed wisdom in his creation of the design work.

Tian Haibin social position

China building decoration association, senior interior architect (CBDA)

The international association of building decoration interior designers, senior interior designer (ICDA)

Shenzhen interior designer association (IDCFC)

Interior design branch of China construction institute member (CIID).

Tian Haibin honor

2 00 6 years of interior design culture festival outstanding interior design exhibition bronze award, excellent work prize

2 00 6 years, Chinese interior art design view exhibition prize of excellent works

2 00 6 year "shenzhen excellent designer" title

2 00 wenbo in shenzhen will be seven years of interior design trends theme exhibition prize of excellent works

The title of "shenzhen excellent designer" seven year 2

Two 00 seven year design artistic contribution

2 00 seven years the third China international culture festival hotel class for interior design

Seven years at the third China international culture festival club/recreational bronze interior design

Two 00 eight annuity ring global interior design award silver medal

2 00 eight years the 7th China international biennale silver interior design

2 00 eight years the first Asia Pacific interior design awards nomination

2 00 nine years pattern recognition award in years of office space design competition

2 00 nine years in shenzhen before the nomination of land art hotel interior design competition

2 0 0 year international space design (idea - Tops) award entry prize

2 0 tourism year "lighting weekly cup" China lighting design competition of shenzhen division for application

2 0 tourism in China decoration association set fair the 10 most influential designers


Tian Haibin design works

Office class design

Yantai office building of radio, film and television; Shenzhen Great Wall asset management company office building; Xinjiang karamay administrative buildings; Beijing xinhua insurance office building; Wuhan intermediate people's court office building; Tibet shannan prefectural party committee office building; Yantai newspaper group industrial park office building; Yantai China media building; Send the information of the cyberport office building

Commercial real estate class design

Hutchison whampoa property jun this example room; Citic real estate in hainan boao ShaPo island golf club; Citic real estate sanya, hainan perfume bay sales offices; Citic in the golf floor example room; Citic real estate ningbo repulse bay villa example room; Shenzhen world garden villa example room air; Shenzhen sea XinYuan club; Shenzhen famous international clubhouse; Zhuhai circuit chestwood golf club; Citic in villa example room; Citic in example room apartment

Hotel design

Great luck or blessing in xinjiang hotel; Urumqi tarim hotel; Gansu province huachen international hotel; Shandong yantai gulf hotel; Xindu hotel, shenzhen city, guangdong province; Jiangxi province Yang rao state hotel; Tibet jersey when hotel; Jiangsu nantong wenfeng hotel; Inner Mongolia state ding zhengda hotel; Anhui lone star international hotel; In weihai in shandong province rongcheng jinling hotel; Algeria oran hotel; Zhuhai new seven star creative cultural theme hotel; Beijing famous international hotel; Yunnan xishuangbanna hotel, etc.

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